The WTF Smoker - on wheels.

Isn't she pretty?

Doesn't it make your mouth water, and your stomach growl?

It sure does mine.

Our Hawg-Dawg -- looks messy, but is so good !!

A hotdog, covered with pulled pork, Cincinatti-chili, cheese, slaw and our signature BBQ-sauces. All homemade and nothing like you ever tasted before ;) 

Using only top-of-the-line quality cut meats from our local butcher, is what WTF? is all about.

None of that store bought crap you find laying in the display case for god only knows how long.

If it was any fresher, you'd have to skin it yourself !!

You think the picture is beautiful?

You should taste the melt in your mouth, come back for thirds, smoked brisket (only one of many of the quality fresh meats that we smoke) that we prepare.

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